Trust. Listening. Caring.

These principles are the foundation of my practice.

I will take the time to listen to learn about your situation, explain the options available based upon your goals, and to draft your personal estate plan.

Joseph Gagen

Client Review

Joseph Gagen was wonderful to work with. First time for wills and he walked us through the whole process. Very knowledgeable on all processes and worked with our schedules. Called him again 2 years later for updates and called back right away. Very responsive and so pleasant.

Joseph Gagen

What are the Elements

of a Comprehensive Estate Plan?

Learn about the documents needed to fully protect you and your family.

Joseph Gagen

Client Review

I chose Joe based on a recommendation of a friend and am glad I did. Joe was extremely helpful and professional in dealing with some estate issues. I highly recommend him!

Joseph Gagen

Living Trust: Is it for you?

Joseph Gagen

Client Review

Joe Gagen listened to what we wanted in our will, advised on how we could improve it, and then provided us with exactly what we needed.
He was very timely and meticulously thorough.

Joseph Gagen

Austin Will & Probate Lawyer Joseph Gagen
Estate Planning & Probate FAQ’s

your story

Your Story

Before I can help, I want to fully understand your objectives. You may have questions or important considerations that need to be discussed. My role is to listen, ask questions, and come to know the whole story—your family situation, your loved ones, Your assets, and your intentions.

our discussion

Our Discussion

Once your needs and objectives are clearly defined, I will explain the options available for accomplishing your wishes. We will discuss the advantages and consequences of each option to enable you to make an informed decision.

your estate plan

Your Estate Plan

Tailored for your circumstances, your estate plan will include all the necessary documents to protect you and your loved ones on your death and for whatever events, medical or otherwise, may arise. It is your assurance that your intentions will be honored and respected.

As an Austin Will Lawyer and Estate Planning Attorney, I Can Guide You Through the Needed Steps to Protect You and Your Family

While we all know that we’re not going to live forever, most of us do not want to think about the end of life or the possibility that we may be involved in a serious, disabling medical event. I can help you by legally documenting your wishes for the gifting of your assets and your end-of-life care decisions.

I will work to pave that way by, first and foremost, listening carefully to what is important to you and what you want to accomplish. From there I work hard to define options and craft the right documents for you. I will then carefully explain and make sure that you understand your estate plan before the documents are signed. Taking this responsible action will ensure that decisions are made that reflect your concerns, values, and beliefs, as well as help your family know what to do.

Where there is a will, there is a way to:

  • Provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones
  • Ensure hard earned, lifetime acquired assets are protected and distributed as you intend
  • Provide for the care of minor children
  • Avoid unnecessary taxes and expenses
  • Promote family harmony
  • Protect the rights of spouses and partners
  • With additional legal documents, own the future by making end-of-life decisions now

About Me

Clients naturally want to know about their lawyer. I am:

  • Joe Gagen Austin Estate Planning LawyerA parent who has always wanted the best for my children (and hopefully one day grandchildren) whether I am around or not.
  • A son who has lost his parents and dealt with difficult end-of-life decisions.
  • An attorney licensed in the state of Texas for the last 32 years.
  • An individual who is committed to helping other families prepare for the future.

To see more information about me, please see my bio.

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