Next Steps and Questions to Ask

When to hire an attorney to prepare a will and other estate planning documents.

There are four questions you should answer in deciding to hire an attorney. If the answer is yes to all four questions, then you know you are doing the right thing.

I hope that after reviewing my website and contacting me, you will be able to answer yes all four questions.

Question 1. Do you have a need and how urgent is it?

The fact that you are reviewing this website tells me that you understand the importance of the need to plan and act. The unpredictability and uncertainty of life-changing events and life itself creates the urgency.

Question 2. Has the attorney you are considering explained how he or she can meet that need?

The initial meeting with an attorney allows to you provide an overview of your situation, your assets, and your intentions. The attorney should give you an outline of an estate plan that would meet your needs and makes sense to you.

Question 3. Do you like the attorney?

Is the attorney a good listener? Does the attorney seem to connect with you? Do you trust that the attorney will do a good job and have patience in explaining things in way you can understand?

Question 4. Does the price seem fair?

Creating a proper estate plan is an investment in your family and in your legacy. In that light, the fee must be fair in terms of the work done.


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Client Review

I worked with Mr. Gagen on writing and getting my will done. I would highly recommend him as he did a great job laying out all options and explaining what all my options were. He would call me frequently to help me with everything that I needed. Him and his wife were very nice and great people to work with. If you’re looking at getting your will done I would recommend you reach out to Mr. Gagen to get it done. I’m very happy that I went with him.

Google 5 Star Review – M.M.

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