But my will said….Understanding testamentary and non-testamentary assets

Understanding testamentary and non-testamentary assets and why your will is not the only document that passes your assets read more...

Taking Care of Max

This is Max. He is a pit bull mix we adopted from the Austin Animal Shelter at eight weeks. He is two now and has not lost any of his enthusiasm for life and various pieces of furniture. He is, for good (most of the time) or for bad (only some of the time), a read more...

When simple is not always better

It is a sign of the times: simplify, simplify. It is why the life-changing magic of tidying up book is a best seller. But occasionally the benefits of something “not simple” are worth considering.  Trusts are not simple but the benefits may outweigh the added complexity. One often overlooked area where a trust can be read more...

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